Friyay Fun! 5 Amazing Ted Talks About Insects


For some weekend inspiration, here are 5 amazing TED Talks about insects; amazing, smart, scary, poo loving insects! Enjoy and happy Friyay!

1. Ed Young: Zombie Roaches and Other Parasite Tales

Zombie roaches? Crickets with a death wish? Oh yeah! They are real! And Ed Young is here to tell you all about parasites that may or may not live in your brain! Either way, they may definitely be in your nightmares!

2. Marcel Dicke: Why Not Eat Insects?

Have you ever eaten an insect? Well, you probably have even if you didn’t know it! And Marcel Dicke is here to tell you why you and me and everyone else should be eating more of them!

3. Shimon Steinberg: Natural Pest Control … Using Bugs!

You may think all insects are pests! But there are GOOD insects and BAD insects. And Shimon Steinberg is here to show you which ones are which and why the good outweighs the bad! Don’t worry, it’s all natural!

4. Deborah Gordon: The Emergent Genius of Ant Colonies

Ants are smart. Like REALLY smart! Just listen to Deborah Gordon here. You’ll see!

5. Marcus Byrne: The Dance of the Dung Beetle

Marcus Byrne has a passion for poo! Yep, you read that right. But that’s because Dung Beetles do too. And on that poo sometimes they do little dance that helps them get home!

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