Citizen Scientists Rock!


Do you like saving the world? Have you ever considered yourself super, a hero, or both? Do you like doing someone else’s work? (Just kidding about that last part… well, kinda 😉 ) If you said yes to any or all of these questions, then you have what it takes to be one of the most important forces known to both man and scientific study: a Citizen Scientist!

What is a Citizen Scientist?

Sometimes scientists can’t gather all of the information they need on their own. And there are people who love science (but aren’t really scientists) in unique situations, whether it’s through their job, their activities, or just pure luck, that can help. These people are called Citizen Scientists! They share their resources and knowledge with scientists working on a project or experiment. And by working together, anything becomes possible!

What does this have to with Invasive Pest Species?

I am so glad you asked! Firstly, (and you can call me Captain Obvious for even saying this) there are a lot more insects than people! That means we can’t find them all without help. And while not all insects are bad, there are some that come to Mississippi from other places and cause problems in our state. These are called Invasive Insects and this is where Citizen Scientists can really help! When they help us look for these Invasive Insects and then let us know where they are, it not only saves us time, but it can save lives, money, and the environment! In other words, Citizen Scientist help save the world!

How can you become a Citizen Scientist?

This is the easy part because you don’t need any special training or a degree! All you have to do is love science and keep a look out for interesting things affecting your surroundings. When you see something suspicious or you have a question, just call a scientist!

Who to Contact about Invasive Pest Species?

This is an easy part too! Just call one of the numbers below:

Mississippi Bug Blues (Of Course!) Ask for Jennifer, JoVonn, or Jason – (662) 325-2990

Jeff Head (<—Super Nice Guy!) – State Plant and Health Director of Mississippi – (662) 323-1291

Thank You!

It can’t be easy being as super as you, but boy do you make it look easy! Thanks for being willing to help us get rid of Invasive Species, and for being the best Citizen Scientist we know!


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